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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The School for Advanced Studies (SAS) prepares students to be successful in Academically Enriched, Honors, Advanced Placement, and College courses.  Students may receive college credit by successfully completing advanced Placement courses and earning a score of 3 or higher on the College Board exams.

Students receiving a C or higher in college courses can transfer the credits earned to the respective university they attend after graduating from high school.

SAS builds on the vision of Taft High School for your children:

Create optimal academic, social, emotional, ethical, and physical development for each of our culturally diverse students in an atmosphere of respect and caring.

SAS provides the academic challenge for students ready to perform at their highest level of scholarship.  Our goal is to prepare students to become leaders in their communities and intelligent, productive members of society.

Ms. Joanna Nuguid        -SAS Coordinator.             

Mr. Daniel Steiner          - Principal