Safety Questionnaire
(Questionaire for Students)

Directions: The safe school committee at Taft High School needs to determine how safe you feel on campus. We also want to hear about the things at school you feel are unsafe and how they can be made safer. Do not put your name on this form, but do note your grade level. Please show your opinions by choosing one number for each statement that best shows your feelings about this school.

1 = strongly disagree;   2 = disagree;   3 = neutral;   4 = agree;   5 = strongly agree

Please complete the form below. Mandatory fields marked *

1. There are no places near this school that scare me.
2. They take good care of the schoolyard.
3. There is a lot of space in the classrooms at this school
4. There are law enforcement officers who work here on campus.
5. When students at this school have an emergency, someone is there to help.
6. Teachers at this school let me do projects and assignments with other students in the class.
7. I really want this school to be 'the best'.
8. I feel that I belong at this school.
9. I work very hard in all my classes.
10. When students break rules, they all receive the same treatment.
11. I feel safe at this school.
12. The buildings at this school look in good condition.
13. Strangers do not come and go from school easily.
14. The principal asks students about their ideas at this school.
15. We do not waste time in our classes at this school.
16. You can trust people at this school.
17. Everyone is expected to his or her best at this school.
18. Students at this school really want to learn.
19. Teachers go out of their way to let me know I am doing a good job.
20. Only a few students get hurt in accidents at this school.
21. Very few accidents happen inside the buildings at this school.
22. Students are given many choices at this school
23. My parents are involved at this school.
24. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and all other students are respected at this school.
25. The school rules are listed in the classrooms and around the school and students know what they are.
26. I can be a success in school.
27. It pays to follow the rules and do well at school.
28. Writing on the walls is cleaned or painted over quickly at this school.
29. The classrooms at this school look very nice.
30. In some classes I am with students of different abilities and talents.
31. Most students get involved in school activities.
32. People care for each other at this school.
33. The rules at this school are fair.
34. Teachers at this school look out for troublemakers.
35. We learn things about ourselves and about life and other things in addition to regular subjects.
36. Parents often serve as hall and playground monitors for this school.
37. Which of these has happened to you in the past month?
I was pushed around by someone who was just being mean.
I was in a fistfight with another student
I was robbed or had something stolen from me.
I saw a student with a knife.
I saw a student with a gun.
I saw students use drugs or alcohol on campus.
I saw students steal from the library, a classroom or the cafeteria.
I saw someone destroy or make marks on school equipment or buildings (walls).
I was afraid of being beaten up on the way to or from school.
I was afraid of gang activity at school.
I was threatened by somebody with a knife or a gun.
I was called names or put down by other students.
I felt rejected by other students.
I saw students smoking or chewing tobacco on campus.
I know students who came to school high on drugs or alcohol.
38. You probably have other ideas about how to make our school safer. Please enter your ideas in the space below.