School Policy


The following Code of Conduct is designed to maintain a positive learning environment. Teachers, administrators and other staff members have authority to enforce this code.
  • Students must behave courteously & cooperatively toward teachers, staff and peers at all times.

  • Students must carry TAFT IDENTIFICATION at all times in order to receive services & must present it politely when asked by any school personnel.

  • Students may not leave class at any time without proper teacher authorization. Students may not leave class without their school ID.

  • Students must remain on campus during the school day. Students may only leave campus with a pass from the Attendance Office. Students requesting an early leave must do so 24 hours in advance.

  • Students are not to loiter on neighborhood shopping areas, residential areas or other school campuses.

  • Students may play ball or Frisbee only in designated Physical Education areas.

  • Students must keep Taft HS clean. Students must not eat in hallways, classrooms or in the PE area.

  • Visitors must request a pass from the Attendance Office.

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Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Classes begin at 8:00 a.m.! The first bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Students are expected to be in all classes on time, ready to work, with the necessary materials.

Students late to class are a major disruption to the instructional program. Students who are tardy 3 times to a class will receive counseling referral. Students who are tardy to class 6 times will be considered in defiance of school policy. They will be referred to the dean. Detention or Saturday school will be assigned for students with repeated violations of attendance policy.

Parents are expected to send their children to school daily. Every effort should be made to schedule student medical and personal appointments so that they do not interfere with the instructional program.

For those FEW times that it is unavoidable for a student to be absent from school, a student may be excused with written verification from a parent due to illness, quarantine, court appearance, religious observance or attendance at a funeral of an immediate family member. Students who are out of school for illness for 5 or more days must return with a Doctor's note.

Students who are absent for non-illness 10 times in a school year may be referred to Pupil Services and Attendance for intervention.

  • All students must be in class and in their seats when the bell rings.

  • All students must bring a note from a parent on the day following an absence.

  • If a student is absent five or more consecutive days, a doctor's note must be provided.


Deliveries interrupt classroom instruction and will not be made by the attendance office.

Please help us to ensure your child receives a proper education. Please have them bring school books, backpacks, projects, money for lunch, and ride home instructions before they come to school for the day.


Please send a note (signed by parent) to the attendance office 24 hours in advance of an early leave. Attendance office personnel will call the parent to approve the leave. Advance notice is required to ensure the student is ready to leave at the appointed time. No leaves will be approved by phone.


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Taft High School Students are expected to select clothing that is appropriate for the "business" of learning. Clothing must fit properly and not be disruptive to the educational process. The following is a list of requirements agreed upon by a committee of students, parents and staff:
  • PANTS must be worn at the waist/hips, not too long or too big, and be able to stay up without a belt. No short shorts.

  • SHIRTS must cover the midriff/torso area, (where the bottom of the shirt at least meets the top of the pants/skirt), should not advertise or promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, violence, foul/obscene images or language, and must not be culturally insensitive.

  • UNDERGARMENTS are to be worn as designed; under clothing and should not be exposed.

  • ACCESSORIES must be safe and appropriately worn to complement ones own personal style:

    • Only Taft logo hats or beanies can be worn outdoors with the bill faced forward.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times; designed for comfort, safety and ease of movement. No house slippers.
    • Chains must be of reasonable length and connected from the belt loops to the wallet.
    • Spiked collars, wristbands and other dangerous items are not allowed.
Students in violation of the dress standards will be instructed to remove the item or to replace it with something more appropriate. Parents may be required to come to school to bring appropriate clothing for students who do not adhere to the standards.

VIOLATION IS DEFIANCE and may result in an in-house suspension, Saturday School, out of school suspension or the student being transferred to another school.

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